Atlas Juggs

{July 10, 2007}   I’m Famous, Baybee!!!




Look, she’s put some clothes on!

That is a sick photoshop.

Our unofficial – for now – UN Am-bad-ass-a-dor doesn’t have that big of a head. But John Bolton does!

Wow, another really bad Photoshop with no point. At least it amused “Free Margot”, who I can only assume is referring to Pamela’s daughter Margo and dragging her into this den of cheap insults as well. Is there any chance you’ll get lives soon? Or just keep mocking people who do have them?

And “Free”, leave Margo the hell out of your idiocy.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, bitch.

Shit fuck yourself, Pimp. Fuck you, you Palestinian murderous sandnigger cocksucking bloodsucking homicidal lying cultist rapist bastard bisexual son of a fucking bitch. You’re just like your diety Yasshole Arafuckat.

Now what window do you want to be in when you’re glass????

Pamela backin’ that ass up?

It’s all good, ninja.

She flipped me onto my stomach.

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