Atlas Juggs

{September 15, 2006}   T&A

Boobies for S.H., baybeee!


If it made the difference between everlasting world piece (!) COMPLETE WITH LOVE BETWEEN THE BROTHERS AND THE SISTERS and total and utter nuclear annihilation followed by permanent global winter and the violent reconnection of Pangaea complete with volcanoes and earthquakes …. Could YOU …. Would you climb under the old camel blanket and …..


Bare (!) in mind he never learned to drive a car and he has been dead for quiet a long time?


Woo Woo McKenzie

p.s How, when and where do we get to actually see jugg?

I hear that John P is a real cook guy!


I am these two “Moes” father and all I can say is:


WooWoo do not come home!


ok ok I’ll let it go now.

Are you happy???


Honk if ya love yer hooters!

Pamela Gellar is a personal friend of mine and I do not appreciate your mocking of her.

Pamela Gellar is also my client and she has asked me to inform you that if you do not desist from using her likeness without her permission I will seek legal recourse against the owners of this site.

You have been warned.

Cease and desist!

Do you people have lives? Yeah, mock a woman’s breasts if you hate her politics. Otherwise it’s sexism. How many screenshots should I take for this lawsuit waiting to happen? Sheesh….

I came upon this site by chance one evening, after a stimulating bout of self-flagellation necessitated by a particularly vigorous reading of the works of the delightful 9th century ascetic monk later beatified as St Barnaby (a more holy book I cannot commend to you, dear reader). Having long been a fan of large-breasted, shrill right-wing zealots (but only on the distaff side, let me hasten to assure my reader, for I am unquestionably and proudly heterosexual), I had hoped to find here naked photographs of the beauteous brains we know as Atlas Shrugs. Alas, I find yet more hatred of George Bush’s most erotically charged supporter. Thanks to this deception, I am now forced to find relief in the form of my unrivalled collection of 19th century gay porn. Truly the West has failed.

Yours etc,

David Warren (

Peter Robertson says:

Pamela is gorgeous, and I am an expert on Gorgeous!

Of course you wankers probably prefer someone obese, hairy and grotesque.

The Rosie O’Donnell appreciation page it over there——–>

Peter Robertson says:

The infantile wrath of losers like you is another point to Pamela’s credit.

When the cyber-twerps begin to appreciate “America’s Most Gorgeous (and credible) Journalist”……………… we’ll know the end is near.

How come I’m not surprised you knew where the Rosie site was, bitch?

P.S. Your pimp hand is weak.

Lex says:

I’m SO sorry I ever stood up for this piece of lying trash. Absolutely, call child services whenever, the sooner the better, don’t let these kids sing about their “Va Jay Jays” with her anymore.

BTW, she’s OUTRAGED over here for being called “an anti-Muslim maniac” by an actual journalist. It’s HILARIOUS!

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