Atlas Juggs

{August 27, 2006}   This Is SO Not The Futchah!!!!!


MM says:

hey there, I’m just wondering if you ever actually take the time to refute anything atlas says, or if you just post ridiculous, doctored photos like some kind of 2nd grader?

this blog is a fucking joke. Try making a point sometime.

Dittohead says:

The point is: She’s an idiot.

MM says:

then prove why instead of being an immature jerkoff. Refute what she says. Doctoring pictures is juvenile and serves no purpose other than displaying the fact that you can’t come up with any cohesive argument against what she says.

Any idiot can do what you’re doing.

just sayin says:

sorry but it doesn’t matter what she says. She uses her tits to get hits.

Her bikini vlog was ridiculous. All she did was sit there with her legs spread, arch her back and stick her tits in the air. She said nothing of substance, she just showed off her naked body.

She’s become the laughing stock of the internet.

Stacy says:

Interesting, you’re not the one who PhotoShopped the above picture. That picture is directly from her page. Hmm, who’s the jerkoff now?

Tits for hits, tits for hits.

Alabama Anonymous says:

She IS a joke.

MM says:

uh….stacy….remove your head from your ass and take a look at the rest of this page.

And it sounds like somebody might be a little jealous of Pam’s appearance. Who gives a shit what she looks like anyways? The site gets bigtime traffic, and it’s not just because she is hot. There’s good stuff on there.

And I’m still waiting for you to refute any of her points.

just a random hit, atlas. I think your site is funny… keep up the good work. peace

Nomad (a.k.a. Grey) says:

y’know, I think I finally understand that photo. The boobies are symbolic of the Twin Towers rising again…

MM, check this–
i left it on her blawg, where she was vilifying Colin Powel.
or trying to.
r u insane? Powell defended the Fulda Gap. He chaired the JCS.
what have u ever done but flash your boobies and spew about burkhas, islamofacism and hudna. i am so frackin’ sick of your white trash cliff’s notes on politics and history. two digit.

salient enough for you, MM?
she’s a cretin with a boob job.

matoko i have old underware for you to eat. Is Momma Kusanagi as stupid as you? She did not allow you to breast feed did she? Go commit ritual hari kari east beast. And “F” you big time.

OK, can I blogroll you guys under “idiots”? Oh, and leave her daughters out of this.

I think you need to get a life and either join in the discussion at or shut up. How would you like it if it was done to you?

BTW, MM stands for Michelle Malkin.

Get ya bitch-made ass out mah mafuggin’ grill, or I will lay the Pimp Hand of Righteousness upon you, cracka.

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