Atlas Juggs

{August 27, 2006}   This Is SO Not The Futchah!!!!!


{August 25, 2006}   I told ya I’m a supahstah!!!!

Atlas Juggs Jackson

P.S. What’s awl this bizness about me being a shrieking harpy, anyways????

{August 25, 2006}   TRex he loves me baybeeee!!!

I don’t undahstand wheah that shark came from though! I didn’t even notice it, but I am such a WARRIOR WOMAN it didn’t dayah fight me!

Juggs and Jaws

Click on my pitchah baybee and youse will see how much TRex loves me! (I just know it!) ROWRRR!!!

See? It’s nawt just my lovahs at PJM! Some people aw just totally jealous, dammit!

{August 25, 2006}   Check It, Bayyybeeeeeeee!!!

{August 24, 2006}   I’m too sexy for my blog

Pajamas Media does Bikini Blogging with Pamela!

Bikini blogging

Look at MEEEEEEEEE! I’m a famous international SUPAHSTAH!!! They love me, they really really LOVE MEEEE!!!

Hey! Who are these prude bitches? Jaawn, I’ll show you everything, baybee!!! Gimme the hott link lovin’ baybeeee so I can snag some of youah readahs! I’ll make you fahget all about “politics!” You know it’s all about MEEEEEEEE!!!

HEY BIG BOY. I loooooove it when you link me like that. Mama LIKES the crayzeee traffic.

P.S. Those pictures of me mudwrestling Meryl Yourish in a barrel of crude oil are in the mail.


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