Atlas Juggs

{July 23, 2006}   Atlas Juggs…Journalistic InBed

Look Juggs….I just can’t have you going over to Israel right now. It’s not a good time!

But Mistah President, I want to be an ‘in bed’ with the troops ovah there. I am a bloggah and bloggahs are going to change the world! Imagine what I could do for our troops ovah there!

Juggs…our troops aren’t *in* Israel. There’s troops in Afghanistan or in Iraq, but like I’ve told you before NOT IN ISRAEL!

Well, that’s even bettah. I could fly ovah to Afghanistan and finish that OBL job that you can’t seem to get done, or I could get into some real action in Iraq….I’ll do it!

I didn’t say I would send you over there you stup…

Don’t say anothah word Mistah President. I’ll do it. I think Iraq is the place for me, and when I’m done theah I’ll make a side trip and get the ‘ghan’ in ordah too.


Look, I have an in with our boys. They read my blog regulahly and they love me! Besides, I’m a supahstah!

I’m bad…I’m bad…I’m going to Iraq to kill them dead, them dead and find me a jah head! Wheeeeeeeee!

What the fuck are *you* doing here in Iraq, Juggs?

Oh, Babeeeeee…you must read my blog! Hey….what does a supahstah like me need to do to ‘in bed’ with you?

Hey….that’s a mighty big gun you have theah….

I never liked black lacquer anyway, bitch!

Dittohead says:

I heard on Rush that she’s a blogger, she lives in the sphere.

Deb Frisch's Pooter says:

I thought she said she was Atlas.

4.5" of Irish Fury says:

Oma gawd! I love her vlogs! Nobody has a handle on today’s issues like Atlass.

Ayn Rand (Former) says:

Silly……vampires can only killed with a stake to the heart.

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