Atlas Juggs

{July 20, 2006}   Suicide bombs and machetes make me HOTT!!!


Atlas vlogs The Answer

That HOT SEXY hunk of man-meat John Bolton will *finally* take me seriously DO ME, babeee! It’s a vlog….it’s a vlog…’s the futchah! Par-tay!


You’ve got her accent down perfectly!

I don’t think I could ever beat “SUPAHSTAH” or “FUTCHAH!”

Ayn Rand (Former) says:

Your copy of “Fear of Flying” looks a little shop-worn.

coldH2O says:

Clicked through from tbogg’s comments, now you own me a few minutes of my life back. Thank you soooo much. Good grief. Man oh man oh I’m glad I burned all of the Rand books I bought as a teenager. I should have bought more Rhinelander beer. My brain would be better for it.

Dear Miss Atlas Juggs, I am seeing your site for first time and is smitten for me, you bubies, they are the move me. Down below if you are comprending (please forgive my English, is still working on it).

I come here for attend dental higenist school in N. Jersey. I think, maybe perhaps, what you say, you bubies are most sexy bubies on this internet and I would beseech you that I be permit touch them in the flesh. What you say?

I have ask 1st and 2st wives and they agree is not haram for me touching you bubies, if you belive in the most holy Allah and his prophut Mohammed (PBUH). You are bleieving yes?

This is most important for to acheve salvation. Please be responding to me in life as you are in my dreams (with you bubies, you glorius bouncing bubies, oh yes much).

Yr servant in Allah,


Please to Miss Atlas Juggs, it been almost 1 entire day and still here I sit only, minus you bubies. I am sick at heart and down below if you are comprending. I beg of you, it is that you must ease my balls of blue with you bubies. I AM NEEDING URGENTLY MUCH BUBIES.

Oh my GAAWWWWD, Haseen!!! I’m so sawrry I haven’t done a new vlog because I’ve been busy trying to schedule an intahview with Olmert to advise him on how to win the wooah ovah theah. I am a CITIZEN JOURNALIST! SAVING WESTAHN CIVILIZATION! But OMIGAAWD! I’m gonna be podcasting! Becawse I know you love my voice!!!

4.5" of Irish Fury says:

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Atlass is so HOT!!!

Dittohead says:

Oh muy Gawhd, how menhy tymes did che practis dat? not enuff.

But ya noe, ches a blogga, che lives in da ‘sphere.

Samuel L. says:

Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂’s done it once more. Great read!

Heh am I actually the only comment to your awesome read?

If I had a greenback for every time I came here… Incredible post.

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